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#26  James D. Fogarty

pilot, flight instructor and my Father

My Dad and uncle, Mike Fogarty, chat about aviation, fire breathing dragons and raising an artist in the Midwest.

#25 Jimmy Massacci

Contemporary Pop Artist and Entrepreneur

Jimmy Massacci, aka Jimmy Vegas, talks shop on his art success, what it means, and the process of living that artist life in a commercialized world.

#24 Tim Ryan

Ohio Congressman and

Democratic Presidential Candidate

Prodding Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan on his ideas about additive manufacturing, carbon capture farming, improved immigration policy  and how affordable and education and healthcare makes all of us stronger for the unified United States of the future.

#23 Dennis Malave & George Valera

 of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers 

Our guests shine light on "the great American past time" and we prod on about both playing and managing baseball; the qualities it takes to make it to "the show;" and how important it is for The Cleveland Indians to build a positive culture and strong organization through their minor league teams like The Mahoning Valley Scrappers. 

#22  Mark Marvin

Principal in the Downtown Development Group 

Visionary developer, Mark Marvin expounds on how his career in engineering (and eventually selling his company Reinforcement Systems) led him back to his hometown to help the bustling revitalization now taking place in Warren, Ohio.

#21  Deryck Toles

 Executive Director of Inspiring Minds 

Innovator, Influencer, and Inspirer of Minds, Deryck Toles, former linebacker with the NFL, overcame health challenges to achieve his dreams and inspire others in his non-profit work with minority and under served kids in his hometown or Warren, Ohio. 

#20  Shane Herman

 Youngstown Comedy Syndicate 

Parental Advisory strongly advised when absurdist humor rules irreverently as Shane Herman, a founding member of the Youngstown Comedy Syndicate gives us the Dos and Don'ts of how to "Do Comedy Good" and takes The ProdCast off the rails

#19  John Chechitelli

 filmmaker & co-founder of Shot in Youngstown 

When the "Worst Christmas Ever" is "Shot in Youngstown," John Chechitelli electrifies us with insight into how a career in production life lead him home.

#18  Tim Schaffner

Executive Director of Trumbull Children Services

An expert on childhood trauma and behavioral health, Tim Schaffner, shines some light on the importance of early crisis intervention, how social workers are at high risk and deal with trauma, and how the opiate crisis has drastically changed the landscape of child welfare in the hardest hit areas like Ohio.

#17  Greg Bartholomew

Founder of Youngstown Comic Con

Comics, sports cards, and the re-birth of full on Geek with Greg Bartholomew, owner and operator of All American Cards & Comics and the Founder of the Youngstown Comic Con.

#16  Dr. Gene DeLucia 

DO, Biohacker and Nutrigenomist

Biohacking to reduce inflammation, increase mental focus, and improve your energy is how we're "prodding" through to a longer and stronger life through diet, genetics and synergizers to reduce our oxidative stress.

#15  Eric Murphy 

Television Producer and Filmmaker

Two decades into 'production life,' Eric Murphy gives us a double length episode ranging from working with Ed O'Neal, insights about moving from the Midwest to LA, and how cutting his teeth on indie feature, Waxing Gibbous prepared him for his award winning documentary:

Traficant, The Congressman of Crimetown.

Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown Movie

#14 Dr. Mehrdad Zarrinmakan

M.D. of Varis Vein Institute

Vascular and Thoracic surgeon, Dr. Zarrinmakan, M.D. of Varis Vein Institute shares advice and the importance of vein health; the mind body connection in medicine; and some tips and supplements on preventing varicose veins and other cardiovascular ailments.  

#13  Uncle Dave 

20 years in recovery from drugs and alcohol

"Uncle Dave" tells his story of struggles and successes as an advocate and 12 step recoverer from drugs and alcohol, and hopes to inspire others with his open, honest and courageous examination of self. 

#12  Chris Higbee 

Country music recording artist and songwriter

We listen to some of country music artist Chris Higbee's original tunes live, prod him on the  inspiration behind his songwriting, talk family, politics, and up-coming shows

#11  Frank Castellano 


Our first episode with live recorded original music from Frank Castellano, and the history of an artist and life long working professional musician. Not only do we prod the past including BB Kings sound check process, but also the future of FPCs next album, "Roll On," with some cuts off the new project including the title track.  

#10  Eric Ryan 

JAC Management music promotions

From a Struthers, Ohio steelworker to buying bourbon with Brad Paisley;  hosting upcoming summer 2019 shows like Lionel Richie, and Tony Bennett and the life as a professional music promoter and arena manager, Eric Ryan gives us "Prodders" all we can hope for.

#9  Jim Bundy 

Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu 1st Degree Black Belt

Jim is a Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu 1st Degree Black Belt. We talk the fight game, self defense and martial arts with Jim Bundy, owner of Team Bundy Gracie Jiu Jitsu, a Pedro Sauer affiliate in Warren, Ohio and my instructor for the past four years.

#8  Cynthia Frazier 

CBD researcher and distributor

Jim, Cynthia, and Corky talk about how CBD is used to treat chronic conditions, address the conflicting data about THC drug tests, and even touch on the neuroregenerative effects of CBD treatment for those suffering from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

#7  Matt Garofalo 


We prod along with Matt Garofalo, stand up improv comic, videographer and recent Kent State Grad and sit in co-host Mia Pishotti and talk production life from three different generations of artists.

#6 Andy Gray

Entertainment Writer

We sit down with entertainment writer Andy Gray over some Modern Methods beer and discuss life as a journalist and entertainment editor covering film, music and art for thirty five years at the Warren Tribune Chronicle.

#5 Jim Loboy 

Youngstown TV personality

WYTV Youngstown "Day Break" News anchor, Jim Loboy shines light on literally being buried alive, reminisces about the "glory days" of getting his break being a radio disc jockey on WHOT "HOT 101", and shares his thoughts on modern news production, meteorology, and beer drinking escapades back in the day as a young talent.

#4 Joe Schiavoni 

Former Ohio State Senator

We get electrified with former Youngstown Senator and 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Schiavoni who answers some questions about the Ohio state legislature, charter school funding, and our new Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine.

#3 Dennis Blank 

Former Fortune Marketing Director

The Prodders sit down with former Fortune magazine Marketing Director and Warren Expressed publisher, Dennis Blank and talk about beer, advertising and life after General Motors in Warren, Ohio. 

#2 Leo Connelly 

Vietnam purple heart combat veteran

We're honored to introduce you to Leo Connelly, Vietnam combat veteran who recovered from addiction and eight years in a Pennsylvania super max to become an advocate for all veterans and chose his path towards redemption.

#1 William Victor Schotten 


Ohio independent filmmaker William Victor Schotten talks honestly about micro budgets, zombies, and international distribution deals.

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