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#78 Black Wolf & The Thief

 Black Wolf & The Thief 

Clay and Carolyn Colley and Choco are the Ohio three piece "Black Wolf & The Thief," and they hip us "prodders" to how their vocally soulful, jazz influenced,  synth-infused music got started and ready us for the release of their new studio album.

#77 Bill Mullane

 artist, activist and educator 

Brooklyn native and award-winning Ohio artist, Bill Mullane shares his journey and expounds on his forty plus year career in the arts as an artist, educator, curator and explorer of truth. 

#76 Dr. Holly Maggiano & Anthony Battee,

 urban farmers 

We cover the mind body connection for healing our bodies and minds and how tools like urban farming, reducing inflamation and compassionate inquiry can help us become stronger.

#75 Aaron Chine

 tattoo artist and owner of The Box Gallery with Dennis Blank

Skin art, mistaken identity, insurrections, local politics and policy; we fish for answers for the future Warren, Ohio. 

#74 Matt Martin, Meghan Reed and Shawn Carvin

 non-profit leaders of Warren 

A deep cut into the importance of Warren, Ohio’s (and the region's) history, the future of housing here, and how the rebirth and challenges of revitalization have begun to change the perceptions of our most engaged Gen X and Millennial residents, and their perceived tomorrow’s in Dub City.

#73 Dan Click & Sarah Rizer

 SFX movie make-up artists 

We talk monster making, molding demon creatures and crafting Melon Heads with two amazingly cool special effects movie make-up artists.

#72 Esther Rita (Pagano) Castellano

artist, mother, and woman for all time.

Like a sit down after Sunday dinner, Esther, ninety-nine years young, shares her gracious wisdom and secrets of long life, deep love, good health and true happiness throughout the ages.     

#71 J.D. Eicher

  Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist  

J.D. stopped by the 2 Ticks & The Dog Productions' studio to play a couple tunes; talk about his creative process; the challenges and thrills of life on the road and how best selling novelist Nicholas Sparks picked him to create the original song "Two by Two" for his novel of the same name.

#70 Marvin Logan

 Executive Director OH Wow Children's Museum 

We discuss in depth about the black experience as both a former student athlete and as student body President of Kent State University, his introduction into non-profit work, and how Youngstown's OH Wow! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology's future is bright with Logan at the helm. 

#69 Doc Dixon

 professional magician and comedian 

A two time Penn & Teller "Fool Us" contestant and winner, Doc Dixon takes us on a tour thru both his exploits as a traveling magician and professional funny man for over thirty years.

#68 Tito Brown

 Mayor of Youngstown 

Recently elected to a second term, Tito talks about "Titletown's" solutions for a safer city, business retention and development, and utilizing federal ARP funds for both technological and environmental enhancements for a healthier more future forward Youngstown.

#67 Ron Book

poet laureate of Dub City, USA

What is a poet laureate?  Ron Book is, along with being a former male model; actor and current creative writing instructor at Butler Community College, and he shares his stories, wisdom and new works in round two on The Prod.

#66 Eli Knight Part 2

  Knight Jiu Jitsu  

We deepen the dive and continue the discussion on Jiu Jitsu including what to look for in the right instructor, how it can provide calmness under duress, and the protocols for changing schools. 

#65 Eli Knight Part 1

  Knight Jiu Jitsu  

We deep dive into the psychology of self-defense, talk real life encounters and the parallels between Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" and Jiu Jitsu and how it helped save Eli Knight from grief and despair. 

#64 Ken Bielecki

Executive Director for Jewish Family &

Community Services

Shining some light on depression and mental health awareness month, we uncover some possible causes, signs, and potential solutions and ways to seek help for you or loved ones. 

#62 Vince Peterson II

 activist and candidate 

Vince Peterson II let's us know what it's like to go from a probation officer to become a Congressional constituent liaison, and how he is preparing to run for a public office of his own.

#61 Gil Blair 

attorney and political activist

From the importance and ins and outs of estate planning to a behind the scenes look at the Ohio Statehouse, attorney Gil Blair takes time to educate listeners about the law and lifts the veil on complex legal issues and passing bills into law in the Ohio Legislature.

#60 Jackie Popovec & Rick Deak 

of The Vindys

Jackie and Rick collaborate live in the studio to create a new song, "Titletown" with Jim while rapping about their creative process, and  taking a deep dive into each track of The Vindys' newest album, "Bugs." 

#59 Tim McNeil

educator, business owner and collegiate track coach.

Eight-time Coach of the Year as head coach of both the men and women's track and cross country programs at Westminster College, winning eleven NCAA President Athletic Conference titles, Tim McNeil shares his insights on being an educator, athlete, and all around awesome human being. 

#58 Shane Herman

Comedy Boss from the Youngstown Comedy Syndicate

We time travel back to the 1980s and riff on ninja movies, dressing up like Sonny Crocket, and sing a couple impromptu Wonder Twin's monkey inspired acoustic song verses. Yes, you read that right. 

#57 Michael Kovach

Pennsylvania Farmers Union Vice President

Want to know what  the benefits are of locally raised and sourced food? Understand the complexities or is it all confusion with our country of origin labeling? Open your heart and mind to the evolution of agriculture and mid-west farming in the 21st century with rock and roller activist and Pennsylvania farmer, Michael Kovach.

#56 Jeff "Primetime" Lampkin

 former cruiserweight World Champion 

Former IBF world champion and Youngstown native, Jeff Lampkin reminisces about winning the title, shines light on some of the darker pitfalls of boxing, and explains why he and fellow cruiserweight champ Evander Holyfield never squared off against each other. 

#55 Liz Ferro

Author, Activist and Superhero of Girls with Sole.

From foster care to ass kicking athlete, author, and empowerment coach of the non-profit Girls with Sole.

#54 Dr. John Cox

 actor, director, pediatrician 

Youngtown triple-threat; actor, director and pediatrician, Dr. John Cox, talks vaccines, the differences between acting on-screen or on stage, and the re-opening of the Youngtown Playhouse.

#53 The New Warren, Ohio's Entrepreneurship Roundtable

The New Warren, Ohio's

Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Tony Frisone, CEO of CZAR Power;  Stacey Hoover, Co-Owner of Cockeye BBQ;  Adam Keck, Founder and brewer at Modern Methods Brewery; and Meghan Reed, Director of The Trumbull County Historical Society enlighten "prodders" on 21st century entrepreneurship in Voltage Valley.



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